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NEWS12: Village of Westbury Cracks Down on Illegal Housing

Westbury Notice

The Village of Westbury is the latest Long Island community to begin cracking down on illegal housing. According to News12, the village is creating a special housing enforcement unit that will be empowered with two new officers.

Additionally, the village has is reported to be increasing fees and toughening maintenance rules for absenteed landlords.

“It’s not targeted to any particular people, it’s just targeted to a situation, which is landlords who are making money by victimizing people in the community and by victimizing the community as a whole,” says Mayor Peter Cavallaro.

Undoubtedly, these are sentiments that are all too familiar to local residents of the Stony Brook area.

In the coming days, as part of its community outreach, residents will receive fliers informing them of the changes and specifics of the new housing enforcement program.

Keep up the fight Westbury. Stony Brook Concerned Homeowners stands with you!

Read the story and watch the video segment at News12.

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