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Update Regarding Dec. 3rd Town of Brookhaven Meeting

12/16 Note: This contents of this post were originally sent out to members, via email, on December 5th. Video of this meeting, along with past Town meetings, will be posted to this site in the very near future.

Dear Homeowners,

Tuesday’s meeting at the Brookhaven Town Hall was very productive with about 5 of our members reading the heartfelt comments taken from our website about the impact of the college boarding houses in our neighborhood.We asked for the Law Department  to be given the funds needed to increase their staff. This is necessary because this small group of, I believe, 7 cover the entire town of Brookhaven, and without the increased staffing it will take that much longer to enforce the town codes that we have worked so hard to change.   

The town law department was also on hand to give an accurate update on the status of the overwhelming number of college rentals in our area.

This update was worth our attendance at this meeting. The town board is very aware that we will not be going anywhere until this mess of illegal housing is rectified and they appeared to be willing to listen to our concerns.
Everything we have done and will continue to do benefits the entire town of Brookhaven. Each council district is experiencing our problem in similar ways. Maybe not to college students, but landlords who insist on violating the town codes for profit. We all agree that we do not want a TRANSIENT population living in our single family neighborhood. If you read the original covenants of the Strathmore community, you will find restrictions to this type of use.   
We will need to have at least 500 people attend the Town Hall meeting in the middle of January 2014 (date to be announced) when we will be presenting our 1000+ signatures to the town board for a moratorium on issuing any new rental registrations. This will be for a specified period of time while this situation is studied and solutions drafted to rectify the illegal housing issue. We have been working on a very specific plan that addresses our concerns and supports this moratorium from all aspects of the situation. Our core group has been meeting and have been working very hard on your behalf to address these concerns.
We are planning on sending out a mailer to 5,500 homeowners in Stony Brook and 7,300 homeowners in the Setauket area to get the word out about our organization. The more members we recruit, the stronger our position will be. There are still a tremendous number of residents who do not know about us or how to join us, and we need to fix that.
With many of your generous donations to date, we can just about cover the cost of the postage for Stony Brook about $1,400.00 , but will need to ask for additional donations however small to help cover the cost of mailing to Setauket and the cost of printing for both. We thank you in advance for your generous support. 
Our address is: Stony Brook Concerned Homeowners LTD
                              PO Box 445
                              Stony Brook, NY 11790 
One of our members, Dawn, has been donating her time and talents to design the post card that we will be sending out and for that we are most grateful. There are many unsung heroes / professionals in our group who devote time and energy to researching and analyzing suggested changes to town codes, developing and maintaining our Web Site, reaching out to neighbors, attending core group meetings to discuss current and future direction of our organization, and even going to Riverhead to research property deeds for suspected illegal rentals. 
This is what the word Community means.  
Many of us have extremely busy lives and can not devote the time to these tasks, but perhaps you could help us financially going forward.

Our group has taken on a monumental task and have already made a difference as we see former college boarding houses either complying with the law or selling these properties. The University recognizes our organization and is meeting with us regularly, and the Town of Brookhaven is listening and working with us to solve this problem. Legislator Kara Hahn has worked with us regarding the SCPD and the Suffolk County Board of Health. There are too many things happening to share them all in a letter. But I assure you changes are happening around us, seen and unseen.

Visit our web site at:
                                  & sign the petition if you haven’t already
We need to welcome families and encourage them to buy homes in our our community of caring neighbors. 
Thank you to our wonderful neighbors,