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University Responds to Raucous House Party

SBU - Office of the PresidentMany members of our community have written to Town and University officials to complain about the recent house party. Here’s the response that several have received from Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.

If you haven’t already done so, please consider contacting Town and University officials or media outlets. and others to let them know that this type of behavior is not wanted and will not be tolerated in our community. (Click here for info)

President Stanley’s Response:

I am writing in response to your email about the party that recently took place near the Stony Brook University campus.

The University has been actively engaged in this matter and is taking swift, responsive action. University Police, in conjunction with the SCPD, responded to the scene and the Stony Brook University Office of Student Affairs is actively investigating the event.

It is important to clarify that none of the individuals arrested at the scene were Stony Brook students. At present, eight clubs and organizations are on suspension while the Office of Student Affairs thoroughly investigates the complaint. If it is found that any organized clubs were involved, appropriate action will be taken.

The University’s Office of Off-Campus Living is constantly engaged in communicating with students to advise and educate them on how to be a good neighbor and live safely off campus (see At the same time, the University Office of External Relations is engaged in frequent and productive discussions with community leaders on the issues related to off campus student behavior and off campus housing.

Overcrowded houses affect the quality of life in the community and the safety of our students. This issue is being addressed through ongoing discussions and in partnership between the Town of Brookhaven and Stony Brook University. We are working with the Town to better educate our students about Brookhaven’s rules on rental housing. Enforcement of the Town of Brookhaven Housing Code will help ensure that landlords are not offering illegal housing to our students.

Looking forward, the University is breaking ground this summer on a new campus residence facility that will add 760 beds on campus and will satisfy student demand for undergraduate housing on campus. When the full complement of new beds comes on line in 2016, Stony Brook University will have 10,300 beds – the highest capacity of on-campus housing in the SUNY system.

Despite the addition of these new beds, some students – mostly graduate students – will continue to choose to live off campus. To satisfy the demand for affordable and appropriate off campus housing, senior University administrators have been meeting with private developers, some specializing exclusively in building student housing, to discuss construction of off-campus graduate student and workforce housing in appropriately zoned areas near the campus.

Stony Brook University is committed to being a good neighbor. We have increased our efforts to educate our students about this, although recent activities demonstrate that not everyone understands the importance of being a good neighbor. That is why it is vital that we get to the bottom of this weekend’s activities and continue our ongoing efforts to educate students about the importance of respecting one’s neighbor and neighborhood. As such, Stony Brook University will continue working with the Town of Brookhaven and the local community to help preserve the quality of life of our neighbors where we can, and to ensure safe living conditions for our students.


Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.
Stony Brook University
310 Administration Building
Stony Brook, NY 11794-0701