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Town Board Meeting – Thurs. August 27th

Dear Concerned Homeowners,

Recently, East Hampton Town had an issue with the overcrowding of a rental home and is taking actions to restrict this type of illegal rental from continuing by including a restrictive provision only allowing up to 4 vehicles at rental homes.
I wish to thank the President of the Port Jefferson Station-Terryville Civic Association for getting in the ring with us to combat illegal boarding houses and asking Brookhaven’s Supervisor Romaine to adopt similar rental legislation. 
As always, Supervisor Romaine has supported our cause and has had the law department draft a code amendment that would allow no more than 4 cars to be at a whole house rental.
This will add another tool to combat illegal rentals in our area and send these landlords another message that violation of the Town codes is not an option. The more tools we have the better chance we have in our fight against illegal boarding houses. And, an ongoing uphill battle it is. 
This is being presented to the town board in the form of a code amendment on 8/27/15 and then a public hearing on 9/16/15.  
I am asking you join us in supporting this code amendment:
When :  5:00 PM this Thursday 8/27/15
Where: Brookhaven Town Hall
               1 Independence Hill
               Farmingville, NY 11738 
If you wish to join me in speaking in support of this change please be at town hall at 4:45 to sign up in the front left of the auditorium.
Remember:What you allow is what will continue