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The Moratorium – We’re Making Progress

The following was taken from an email that went out to members today, January 15th. It was edited with links for superior web viewing. If you haven’t already joined us to receive emails. Don’t delay. Join us today!

Join UsDear Homeowners,

Last night Howard Armas, Anthony DeRosa and I met  with our new Brookhaven Councilperson, Valerie Cartright and her Assistants. We asked her to sponsor a resolution based on our petition to impose a moratorium on new rental registrations in Council District One.

We now have over 1,000 signatures between the web site and hard copies.

Attached, is the actual presentation that was written by Howard Armas and presented to her at our meeting. This detailed document (attached below) is a testimony to the professionals with in our organization. Thank you Howard.

Howard hit all of the points that we need to address and connected this to studies that were preformed in other areas with very similar housing issues.

We need to have the town put the brakes on until a long term solution to the off campus housing issues is fixed to our satisfaction

We are waiting for Councilman Cartright to get back to us before we schedule a date the resolution will be presented in the very near future. I will email you the time and date that this event will occur at the Brookhaven Town Hall. We will need as many of you as possible to make this meeting.

On another good note Anthony DeRosa just completed an updated evaluation regarding the current status of the homes that we have information on.

“I’m pleased to report of the 211 houses that we have identified as potential boarding houses, the town has reported 95 of those houses are now in compliance. This means that the landlords are listening to what the residents are saying and what the town is doing to enforce the town codes. Of the remaining, 33 have been issued court appearance tickets, and 43 are still under investigation by the town. In addition there are 40 houses that i have on my spreadsheet that the town did not have on their radar. I’ve asked the town to investigate these houses and report their findings. 

Keep in mind that although the town reported 95 houses are in compliance, that doesn’t mean they will stay that way. So we still have to be aware of what is happening in our neighborhood and report any houses that you feel are in violation. 

Also, we are getting information that there are absentee landlords that are realizing that with the current codes they can not rake in the profits that they were when they were running an illegal boarding house and are putting these homes up for sale. Now we need to get families to buy them and turn the tide back to what our neighborhoods were built for and that is single families.

If any of you need lawn signs please email me and I will give you directions to my home where I have them in stock.       

As you can see, our members have been very busy even during the SUNY semester break. Now is the time to keep an eye on these rentals and let us know. Some absentee landlords will be looking to exceed the town codes regarding number of unrelated tenants allowed in a home.

Also, we have confirmed that the fire on Thompson Hay Path was indeed a college rental for some time and was operating with no permit.

There were no students present due to the semester break and thank god no one was injured. We can just hope the landlord rebuilds the home and sells it to a family, now that this house and the other one they own is labeled an illegal rental.

We have raised enough money to send the informational postcard you all received out to some of the 7,000 homeowners that live in Setauket.

As we receive additional donations we will send them out to the remaining homes in Setauket. This time we are sending out 3,000 and hope to raise enough money to send out the remaining 4,000 homeowners. Also one of our members contributed money to run an add in the Times Beacon record that will be in this Thursday’s issue.

Please share the postcard with other and have them

  1. Go to the website 
  2. Sign up to join us
  3. Sign the petition (more than one person over 18 in each household can sign)

If anyone would like to contribute to our cause, please make checks payable to the Stony Brook Concerned Homeowners LTD and mail them to PO Box 445 , Stony Brook New York.

Click here to view the Request for Moratorium and Solutions.

Thank You for joining us.

 We will turn the tide !!!!

Remember: ” What you allow will continue”