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SUNY Stony Brook New Semester

Note: This email was sent to our members on January 26, 2014. If you are not on our email list, join today.
Stony Brook Union

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Dear Homeowners,

This week the students are returning fully from their winter break. We will see many students scrambling for housing. The landlords are well aware of the new Town Codes and some will choose to ignore them. This is when we need to keep our eyes open for blatant violations of the occupancy laws that allow no more that 4 unrelated individuals as tenants in a single family home and a current rental registration with the town..

If you become aware of any of these homes, please use our web site to Report a Problem and notify me by email, and I will forward the information to the Town Law Department investigators.

Information we will need:

  1. Address of the home
  2. # of students are in the home
  3. Any other information that you feel would help enforcing the laws is helpful

With the start of a new semester will come the parties, possibly as early as this Thursday or Friday. If you see the evidence of a party about to happen or are one of the unfortunate neighbors who get woken up at 2 AM, please be sure to call the 6th Precinct and let them know the party address and give them your information so that they can speak with you. Also, if the party is one of the ones where there are hundreds of students, it would be a great help to reinforce our case with pictures and or videos of these crowds.

Please notify me as soon as possible, so that we can follow up on the Precinct’s actions which have so far not been up to our satisfaction as taxpayers in Suffolk County.

We are in this for the long haul, and will need to stand together as we move forward.

Our core group is waiting to hear back from our new councilperson Valerie Cartright about her review of our request for her support on the proposed moratorium.

As soon as we hear back, we will schedule our group to be present en mass at the Town of Brookhaven Board meeting as a show of solidarity for our cause.

We now have over 1,000 signatures which tells the town that we as a community are going to fight to get our neighborhoods back to their intended purpose and that is – single families and not absentee landlords with transient tenants in “for profit student housing.” We do not live in a commercial area, nor did we choose to live on a college campus.

We are tired of these landlords profiting at the expense of our home values and quality of life.

Our membership is now at 1,200 and is growing everyday.

Thank you for all of your support.