Residents bemoan off-campus college housing (News12)

STONY BROOK – The new school year is renewing concerns among residents over overcrowding in off-campus houses near Stony Brook University.

Homeowners around the university are bracing for the influx of students that are moving into their neighborhood for the fall semester.

The Town of Brookhaven has been cracking down on illegal apartments that have cropped up over the years. A town council member has even proposed counting cars in front to identify homes divided into multiple apartments.

Residents say the illegal apartments have been causing issues that include lower property values.

Stony Brook University is in the process of building new dorms that will have more than 750 beds. The construction will not be complete until next fall, according to the school’s website.

A representative for the Coalition of Landlords and Tenants of Stony Brook tells News 12 that he is disappointed that the town is trying to pass more housing regulations.

(Source: News12 Long Island)