Report a Problem

Note: When reporting a problem to any of the following  authorities, please also let us know so that we can record and follow-up on the status of the reported incident. Use our Contact form or send an email to

Town of Brookhaven Law DepartmentTown of Brookhaven Seal

Call the Town to report illegal rentals or other housing violations.

  • 451-TOWN (Business hours)
  • 451-6161 (After hours)
  • Use the Town of Brookhaven mobile app (iOS / Android)

Suffolk County PoliceSuffolk County Police

Call 911 to report dangerous behavior, illegal student parties or other disturbances.

Call  (631) 852-2677 for non-emergencies.

Stony Brook UniversityStony Brook University Logo

Stony Brook University treats illegal student behavior seriously. While Suffolk County Police has jurisdiction for off-campus crimes, the University has its own internal ethics review processes.

Contact Joan Dickinson to report problems with student behavior: