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NEWSDAY: Mazzei in part-time job as assistant town attorney

Tim MazzeiCross-endorsed County Court candidate Tim Mazzei may have resigned early as a Brookhaven town board member, but the Republican started the next day as a part-time assistant town attorney.

Town Attorney Annette Eaderesto said Mazzei will help with the newly established housing court — in which the district court sets aside one day a week to deal with town code enforcement and quality of life issues.

She said that Mazzei can work up to a maximum of 17.5 hours a week and will make $71.42 an hour or as much as $1,249 weekly. He will also continue to receive town health insurance.

If he works the maximum hours each week to year’s end, he will make about $22,500. The rate of pay is more than Mazzei made as a $67,986-a-year town board member. With both major and minor party backing Mazzei is virtually assured election as judge which will pay $174,000 a year.

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