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New Semester

Dear Homeowners,

The new semester is here and we have seen more students moving into homes in our neighborhood. Please keep in mind that the law allows an absentee landlord to rent to up to 4 individuals providing they have a rental permit on file. If there are more than 4 living in the same residence it is possible for it to be a legal rental providing they are living as a family. This means no locked doors, sharing expenses, a common living area, and one kitchen etc. This is hard to prove but by reporting more than 4 occupants in a rental we can work with the town to determine if it is a legal rental or not.
We are asking you to be alert and report any rental that you feel may be illegal to the Town directly by calling 451-TOWN during business hours and 451-6161 after hours. Also please contact us so that we can first determine if we already have the house on our radar. If it isn’t, we will pull the necessary paperwork, including deeds, and will follow up with the Town accordingly.
Please identify yourself when you contact us and please provide the address of the house you are reporting.
We have made considerable progress since we started our group a little over two years ago but we need to remain active and involved to prevent our neighborhood from being an easy target for absentee landlords to profit at our expense.
Our progress can only continue with all of our members continued participation and we must remain visual to our community and the landlords. They need to know we are not going away.
What you allow is what will continue