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Member Update: November 2, 2015

Dear Members,Ed Romaine

Last week the Town voted to give our cause yet another tool to help combat illegal housing. It has to do with the landlords not being able to use just any home inspector, but one who has credentials they would not want to put at risk.

Some time ago I asked for this change because there was growing concern that landlords would just hire a regular home inspector who for the most part unqualified to perform these renewal inspections and had little risk of losing their license for filing inaccurate inspection forms.

By tightening this code these inspectors must now have a valid N.Y.S. Uniform Fire Prevention Building Code certification.

Upon renewal of a rental registration the landlords can choose either a town inspector or an outside home inspector, architect or engineer to conduct the inspection before the permit is renewed.

We all understand that a licensed architect or engineer has spent a great deal of time and money to get their licenses and would not risk losing them. The home inspector license costs about $350 and does not require extensive schooling or qualifications and herein lies the potential problem.

Please read the attached letter (PDF) that changes to the code that was already voted on and passed last week.

Remember, all of these changes to the Town code tighten the restrictions on rental properties and help us to curb the potentially illegal ones from invading our single family neighborhoods.