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Member Update: May 21, 2016

Heritage Graduate Housing of Stony BrookDear Homeowners,

For the past few years we have been in search of developers willing to build OFF Campus housing to help alleviate some of the influx of college boarding houses into our single family neighborhoods. One such developer, Jim Tsunis, has come forward with a proposal that I believe could be developed with little or no effect on our surrounding neighborhood. The land is located on the South side of 25A on the old International Baptist Church property just west of Stony Brook Road. This parcel of land borders the RR tracks on one side and 25A on the other.

The residual effect on our residential neighborhoods would be a relief valve to attract students who would otherwise look for housing within our single family neighborhoods. Is it the answer to all? Absolutely not. But we have to start somewhere.

Tsunis is proposing to build off campus Graduate Student housing on this 13 Acre plot of land. The Town of Brookhaven planning department has put up barriers and is pushing back against this development.  I personally disagree with their position.

With virtually no land left that borders Stony Brook University, this piece offers a myriad of possibilities. For one, a bridge or tunnel could be built to allow the students direct access to the university, thus making it more attractive to them to rent. It currently has some very dilapidated buildings on it that would be excavated by the developer.

Of course, this type of plan would require excavation and proper permits and this developer has expressed his willingness to do what is needed and required by the town, county, and state. The town would need to change the zoning of this land to make it viable, but this is also not impossible. This developer is willing to invest a lot of money in the redevelopment of the property including complying with all of the potential changes that will need to be made to build this cluster of off campus apartments.

I believe we need to use the power of our group to give this project the support it will need to make its way through the bureaucracy of the town zoning board. We cannot sit and be complacent about this, because our single family neighborhoods are being sacrificed every day.

It is up to us to take a stand and strive to protect what we worked for our whole lives.

We have made progress with SBU developing additional on campus housing opening in the next few years, but this is not enough. Many universities around the country have outside contractors develop off campus housing to help fix the problem we are having.

The issue with SBU using even more of the land to develop additional housing beyond those currently being built is that when you are dealing with a state agency the process can take years to even get a plan approved and then years and years to build.

I don’t know about you, but I am not willing to wait for the State of New York to help our situation. The advantage of a private developer is that it can be planned and built much quicker.

I have attached the proposed Site Plan and images of one such development at Dartmouth. The name of this proposed development will be Heritage Graduate Housing of Stony Brook.

Please make every effort to come out to our meeting on June 8th/ 7 PM at the WS Mount School. Mr Tsunis will be there to present this proposal to our group . Also present at this meeting will be Supervisor Romaine, Councilwoman Cartright, and the Brookhaven Town investigators, etc. There will be an opportunity to speak and ask questions.

We will need help distributing flyers around the neighborhoods to let everyone know about this important meeting. Please let me know if you are willing to walk the neighborhood to distribute our flyers.

This is an ongoing battle that needs to be addressed from many fronts.

Thank you for your support,


Off Campus Housing


Proposed Heritage Graduate Housing of Stony Brook

Proposed Heritage Graduate Housing of Stony Brook