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Member Update: March 23, 2016

Brookhaven Town HallJust recently, the Town Housing Court Judge issued fines of $12,000 for misdemeanor violations present at the rental property of  17 College Drive, Stony Brook. This landlord has a history and had just transferred the house to someone else to avoid responsibility. However, the current judge appears to have seen through this ruse and fined the new title holder for the violations.

There are many other landlords that are being brought to court on a regular basis because of appearance tickets issued by the Brookhaven Town Law Investigators. This is public knowledge and anyone can access this information or even go to the housing court and witness first hand these and many other types of cases that are dealt with on a regular basis throughout Brookhaven Town.

We still need the Town of Brookhaven to authorize early morning and late night surveillance to obtain probable cause for a search warrant at some of the worst violators of the Brookhaven Town Codes in the Three Village Area.

We are all aware of the fact that students are not at these locations after 9 AM until about 6 PM or later, thereby making it very difficult to build a case of overcrowding.

We still need to be diligent in watching the known college houses throughout our town and report any construction activities immediately.

There are many, many of these homes under investigation and some are continuously in violation of these codes, but believe they are immune from the Town codes.

We are the majority in our single family neighborhoods and need to protect our investment from these non resident landlords illegally destroying our quality of life.