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Member Update: March 1, 2015

Dear Homeowners,
Below is a communication I just sent this email to SBU and others. Please become vocal and active in our fight. There is a Town of Brookhaven Meeting on March 12th, so please come out and speak for 3 minutes.
Keep on fighting the fight even though the battle will be long, we will win because we are right.
A fitting quote from ROCKY “It ain’t about how hard you get hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward” and we will keep moving forward.

I just received this from a very upset homeowner member of our group. I think the email says it all. Are they kidding us, they are charging the students $25.00 per student if they want to park in the driveways of the houses they pay rent on and expect them to shovel.
This landlord is Vincent Zhu  (LMZChangsing Inc) He is a Senior Programmer Analyst at Stony Brook Medical Center and owns the following Slum Houses
8 Salem Drive, Stony Brook
17 Salem Drive, Stony Brook
17 College Drive, Stony Brook
He is exactly the type of landlord that we speak about all the time at our meetings. He is intimidating to the students and abuses their lack of savvy while they live in roach infested houses.
Please find out which Stony Brook Students live in his homes and reach out to them and maybe we can get this slum lord to respect his tenants and the neighbors around his illegal homes or blackball his homes as unsuited for your students or anyone else for that matter.
He is being added to the list IRS and NYS potential unreported income forms that are being filed as we speak.
Below is an excerpt of the email I received this morning.
Thank You
Bruce Sander
Stony Brook Concerned Homeowners LTD     

Good Morning!

Today, My husband spoke to one of the students living in the illegal rental at 8 Salem Drive in Stony Brook, because they were blocking our driveway because driveway is not cleared of snow!  The student apologized and they have tried to get the landlord/owner,Vincent Zhu, to clear the driveway but he wants them to do it and then charge the students $25 a month to park on driveway.  He also informed my husband there are roaches in the house!   This is a problem for our neighborhood! Our home values are declining.   Your assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.