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Member Update: March 1, 2015

Dear Members,
I am happy to report that the SCPD took action at a party home last night at 26 Park Avenue , Port Jefferson. We had met a short while ago with the SCPD Commanding Officers at Suffolk County Legislator Hahn’s office and discussed this and other party house locations.
Action was taken last night by the SCPD with several patrol cars as the students were walking and being bused into this party.
Information: This house is owned by the same landlord who owns 150 Christian Ave. who has yet to pay the assessed fine to Brookhaven Town after the 3 day court case.
I have asked that the SCPD look into getting him on the Social Host Law because he is well aware of the underage drinking and college parties that go on in his rental homes.
This is exactly why we need all of you to become active participants in our fight against these illegal college boarding houses. This could happen next to your house next. Do not believe for a minute you are immune.
Below is an excerpt from an email we received this morning.
     Hey Bruce just wanted to let you know that last night there was a party at the Park Avenue House ….around 10 pm. I was just about to report the incident since they were busing kids up and down the road and they were also walking up the street  …but the SCPD showed up 3 marked cars and one unmarked and hung out and wrote numerous tickets and also were turning kids away…I was happy because the one cop I was talking to said they did not get a call to show up it was there planned patrol which I’m very happy about ..I told him about the recent activities and how much we appreciated them for showing up….just passing on info to you………