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Member Update: June 12, 2015

Dear Homeowners,

One of our members Joe Corollo has been instrumental in purchasing run down homes in our area, completely renovating and then selling them to families once the renovations are complete. Anthony and I met with him some time ago and have seen the positive results of his hard work to help restore our neighborhoods. 

So far he has renovated and sold a house on Spencer to a young family, a home on Sussex to a mature couple, Yorkshire to a family with children, Seabrook (prior drug house/student rental) sold to mature couple, Parsons on market currently, and University Heights in contract to 20 something single female.

He has one Eaton Colonial home on 24 Parsons Drive that he has completed renovations and is looking to sell to a family.  So if you are aware of any family looking in Three Village for a home this one is listed at 489k.

Joe and his wife Stephanie have been very active in restoring homes that might have otherwise gone to investors for college boarding houses and turned them around through restoration and sold them to families.So if you hear or see that Willow Lake Properties has purchased a home near you be assured that he and his company are helping to restore our community to the single family neighborhood it was meant to be. 

Thank You,