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Member Update: January 5, 2016

Brookhaven Town HallDear Homeowners,

I hope each of you all are looking forward to a wonderful new year.

The Spring semester will be starting on January 25th and I expect that you will start seeing students moving into the college boarding houses in our community. As always, we still hold fast to our belief that college boarding houses do not belong in our single family neighborhoods.

The fact remains that we have to keep the number of these homes in check and hold them to Town compliance. This can be an exhausting endeavor for all of us. Please be aware of the number of students you see moving into properties near you and be conscious of any new home sales near you.

If you suspect a boarding house to be illegal, please go to the Town’s web site and first see if they have a rental registration. If you cannot find a rental registration, please report it to us. Also, please try and identify how many students are living in the home and whether they are entering the house through various entrances. e.g. rear or side doors. This can be an indication of illegal apartments.

If you witness construction going on, please contact us immediately and include the exact address, description and photos. We will do our best to get in touch with Town law investigators as soon as possible to hopefully catch them building illegally.

Below are a few of the code changes that were made this past year. We will be requesting the Town to allow its investigators to work off-hours in the AM and PM. This is so they can do surveillance while the student tenants are home and not during the day while they are in school, etc.

Recent Town of Brookhaven Code Changes (see our Accomplishments):

  • All home inspectors must now be NYS Uniform and Fire Prevention Building Code certified
  • The number of cars parked at a rental residence must not exceed more than one over the number of bedrooms allowed for that residence

Recent Town of Brookhaven Code Changes

  • The rental application must now include the name of Tenants occupying the residence
    and an IRS/NYS Financial disclosure has also been added to the rental application
  • The town has budgeted for and received approval for additional Inspectors to enforce town codes as it relates to illegal housing

Anthony and I will be attending this week;s inauguration at the Town of Brookhaven and wish to offer our congratulations to Supervisor Ed Romaine, Councilwoman Cartright and all of the Board Members who have supported our cause over the past few years. Without their support we would be hard-pressed to get as far as we have!

We also have an upcoming meeting with the Town o  Brookhaven and Stony Brook University to talk about proposals and to get updates about our community’s issues.

Remember, it is an ongoing battle that needs to send a message to these outside investor landlords that they are not welcome in our single family neighborhoods.

We are all in this together, as a community who cares.