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Member Update: February 12, 2016

for rentDear Homeowners,

This is food for thought regarding the ongoing fight we are having in our communities against illegal college boarding houses and other illegal rentals in our area. When the Strathmore development was built in the 1960s, the following action was taken by the builder Levitt and Sons for this large single family community.
On February 18th 1966 Levitt and Sons, Incorporated filed Covenants and Restrictions with the County Clerk of Suffolk County for the Strathmore Homes that were built (now known as the various M, S, P, B etc sections) in the Stony brook Setauket areas. Any attorneys in our group are welcome to contact me to analyze these covenants.

One of the covenants reads:

” The residential sections of this community must remain residential, and no more than one family may occupy a house. If you are a physician, dentist, Chiropractor,optometrist, attorney, accountant, architect or engineer, you may have a professional office in your residence, subject to local ordinance. But no commercial occupations of business activities of any kind are permitted.”  

“The full text and other restrictions in effect in this community has been filed as an official public record in the Office of the County Clerk of Suffolk County, Riverhead, New York where it is available for your examination.“…

“You and other property owners in your section have the right to take legal steps to enforce these restrictions, eliminate violations by others, and thereby preserve the value of your property.”


We have been combating these illegal boarding houses for several years now and have been seeing improvements on many fronts. These include developing a working relationship with SBU who are concerned for their students safety in these illegal rentals and have become proactive in not advertising student rental houses that do not have a current Brookhaven town rental registration and have posted around the campus that rental house can not be posted on their bulletin boards. This and other actions by them being concerned for their students is starting to gain traction with the New Dean and the Chief Deputy to the President of SBU.
Our quick accurate membership response to potentially illegal rentals near our homes has enabled us to report the violations to the town with credibility.
Our ongoing working relationship with the Brookhaven Supervisor Romaine, Councilwoman Cartright and the entire Town Council has helped us address this issue not just in Three Village but the entire Town of Brookhaven.
We know we are on the right track when the landlords association feels compelled to strike out against our progress. They are now trying to combat the town restriction regarding the Home Inspectors requirements. The only reason they would ever combat this is that they are trying to preserve an old loophole in the language by using the same home inspector who is probably not as thorough as one who has to put their licence on the line.
If these landlords are truly concerned about the safety of their tenants then this would be a non issue. They are all about the money nothing more nothing less. Many of you have legit apartments in your homes and can probably speak about the difficulty and expense of getting an Accessory Apartment permit so that your mother or father could move in with you. But this is not what these landlords want to do.
If it costs money, and has town inspections to insure building and fire codes, and applications that have to go to the town for approval, they do not want to do it.
Apparently, the landlords association believes that this entire organization is run by me Bruce Sander when in fact all 1500 of you have and continue to contribute to our actions and communications.  What I would like to see sometime this Spring is a gathering of as many of us as possible at a Stony Brook Concerned Homeowners meeting to send the message that we are in fact a group who will work together to preserve the quality of life in our single family neighborhoods.