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Member Update: February 11, 2015

Dear Homeowners,


Anthony and I  have been in constant touch with Brookhaven Town regarding the disastrous college boarding house situation we are all living with. Thank you Ed Romaine, Brookhaven Law Department, Councilwoman Cartright, her staff and Assemblyman Englebright for joining with us. 
They are well aware of our plight and are working diligently to create town codes that will be enforceable and with stand any legal push back.

I have informed them about many landlords who are now slowly increasing the number of students they are allowed to put in these non-owner occupied rental homes and that we need action now. 
As a result I have requested that they seriously look at implementing the town codes recently adopted by Huntington or Buffalo.
Having met recently with Assemblyman Englebright, I was put in touch with an attorney who he works with in Albany and I am happy to say that he will be meeting this week with our Councilwoman Cartright to discuss our issue and perhaps suggest ways to tighten the codes.
Assemblyman Englebright also asked that one of his interns in Albany research various areas around New York State that reside near colleges and Universities and document what codes they have put in effect that are working and help us with code suggestions etc.
It might be freezing out, but we are still hot on the trail of these illegal homes. We are meeting on February 23rd with Supervisor Romaine, a rep. from his law department, Councilwoman Cartright and her staff, as well as,  two or three representatives from Stony Brook University. These meetings have been held every few months and Anthony and I ask to be provided with updates about how and what is being done to fix the destruction of our neighborhoods by outside profit hungry illegal landlords.
I have been getting scattered reports about several possible illegal rentals and rest assured I report them immediately to the Law Investigators.
We still need to stand together against this atrocity if we ever hope to be victorious.
SO, I may need to call on all of you very soon to come out and make a statement. With 1,400 Homeowners in our group today, I would hope a statement of 500 or more homeowners standing together will make an impact, get media attention and turn the tide our way. But its all up to all of you. 
Thank You,
P.S. If anyone would be interested in reporting these landlords to the IRS and NYS Tax Department, please reach out to me and I can explain how it is done.