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Member Update: December 8, 2015

construction-failDear Homeowners,

Over the past few weeks some of you have been reporting addresses of college boarding houses to us that appear to be out of compliance.

Please be assured that we forward this information to the Brookhaven Law Department for review and for assigning of investigators to each of these locations.

We followup on a regular basis, but could uses your assistance as well in this ongoing battle. If you have reported a location to us please continue to monitor it for any noticeable changes. e.g. an increase or decrease in # of students, condition of property, # of cars, new construction, students entering in through back yard gates and whatever else you think to be important.

We cannot go out to these locations to inspect them, so we rely on you the homeowner who lives nearby to update and report this information to us on a regular basis.

I am in touch with the Law Department regularly and always ask if we can get updates on the locations that you have reported to us. There are times, however, that these cases are pending in court and cannot be discussed.

We have seen many homes being sold to families in our area, but we all must be diligent about the potential of any new absentee landlords who may try purchase and create yet another college boarding house in our single family neighborhood.

PLEASE let us know immediately if you see construction going on at a suspected boarding house location. Please take pictures and report the exact address and a description of what you see. Some signs of interior construction include sheet rock delivery, metal or wooden studs for framing & weekend or nighttime construction.

We were recently able to shut down a potential boarding house immediately due to the quick actions of one of our members who forwarded me good pictures, an exact address and description of what they saw 6PM on a Friday evening

If the reported construction is after the fact, it is very difficult to obtain a search warrant for this location based upon someones word alone.

Help us…help you. We are only as good as the flow of information you give us.

Thank you.