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Member Update: August 30, 2015

Dear Members,

Many of you are experiencing the nightmare of college party houses as this semester begins. Anthony and I are meeting the SBU on September 10th and would love to have written statements from our members about this years recent party houses. Please include the address of the college house. I am in contact the the commanding officer at the SCPD 6th PCT. and will be sharing this info with him and asking him to have to officers who arrive to obtain the students names etc.,so that we can share these names at our meeting. There is now an off campus housing dean at the university that we will also be contacting.

Here’s what to do if an out of control party is happening near you.

  1. Find out the correct address of the party location and any cross street.
  2. Roughly how many students and cars are there.
  3. The approximate time that the party started and any other information about the students behavior etc. that you think is important. The more information the better.
  4. Call the SCPD and SBU Police with this information
  5. Tell the officer who answers that you are a member of our group
  6. You have to give the officer on the phone your own address and ask them to come to your home after they go to the party house so that you can find out what action was taken.
  7. It would be good if several of your neighbors could be there as well. I KNOW IT IS VERY LATE BUT YOU ALL ARE AFFECTED.
  8. Email the so that we can follow up with SBU and the SCPD.
  9. Be persistent and call again if the SCPD has not responded in a reasonable time.
  10. It would also help if you had the landlords contact information and called them at 2 AM. If these landlords aren’t going to respect our quality of life why should we respect theirs.

I know this is really difficult to deal  with late at night, but we have to be very vocal about this issue. Please write to NEWSDAY letters section about this issue. Write to the Times Beacon and Call News12 and try to speak with a reporter and tell them you are one of our members . 

We have had success last year working with the SCPD issuing tickets and getting the landlords to shut down several of these houses, but it is up to us to get it done. These landlords only care about the rent and not about your well being, so do not expect them to do anything unless you are persistent and make the issue public.   


What you allow is what will continue