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Long Island Colleges Going Global

Dear Homeowners,

Below is a copy of a letter I submitted to Newsday referencing their article on “Long Island Colleges Going Global”. I hope that they print this to expose the real reason we have had our neighborhoods impacted by college boarding houses. It would benefit our cause if many more of you became proactive in addressing this issue. One homeowner heard about an open house across from his home and picked up signs to put on his and his neighbors lawns to send a message that college boarding houses are not welcome in our neighborhoods. Another of our members tracked down a landlord and called their business office to complain about issues with this rental property. If we all chose one house and one landlord to contact we would definitely see an impact for our efforts. These landlords believe they are insulated because they do not live here. We are seeing many of these boarding houses up for sale and we need to be even more pro active than ever. Let’s recruit families back into our wonderful neighborhoods.

Thank You



Long Island Colleges Going Global

The fact that Stony Brook University and many other colleges around N.Y.S. are recruiting foreign students raises questions regarding availability of off-campus housing. The rise of illegal boarding houses in the Three Village area is out of control. The universities who recruit these foreign students should ensure that they first have adequate housing on their own campus. Many of these students are forced to rely on a money-grabbing group of illegal landlords who have invaded the single family neighborhoods for profit. These unsuspecting students are convinced to accept living arrangements that are illegal by town codes and unacceptable to the surrounding neighbors. These greedy landlords are only in it for the money and are using the naivety of these students to line their pockets.

We have witnessed students rolling their suitcases down our streets at night knocking on doors looking for rooms to rent. Is this how a university ensures the safety and well being of their students?  Unfortunately, there are numerous employees of the university that are aware of this housing shortage and have personally capitalized by buying single family homes and cutting them up illegally to rent to these foreign students.

This must stop until the NYS universities can provide proof that they have adequate housing for every foreign student who wishes to enroll. I agree that diversity is important to all of our students and it is up to the NYS University system to insure that these students have legitimate comfortable safe housing available to them. The NYS taxpayers are losing property values when these illegal college boarding houses are popping up in their single family neighborhoods. This underground economy should interest NYS and the IRS because in all likelihood the landlords rental income is not being properly reported. Therefore, the legitimate taxpayer is bearing this burden twice.

Bruce Sander


Stony Brook Concerned Homeowners LTD