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Let Your Voice Be Heard

Get InvolvedAs reported earlier, there was a major disturbance on Stony Brook Rd. this past Saturday (4/12/14). Thanks to the timely reporting of this event to the SCPD, and their quick response, they were able to disperse the crowd and make some arrests before it went any further  thereby preventing any injuries or property damage. As one law enforcement official stated, with the combustible mix of alcohol and a large crowd, this party could have easily turned into a riot had it been broken up later. If you haven’t already, view the pictures of Saturday’s fiasco.

We need to continue to report our frustration to the appropriate authorities to make sure that they get the message and take us seriously. We have to let them know that we will not tolerate this in our neighborhood. They need to continue to crack down on all the absentee landlords who are illegally renting homes in our neighborhood.

We have to impress upon our Town officials, who have been very supportive but have limited resources, that they need to get more resources assigned to this if we really want to close these illegal rooming houses down quickly.

We have to impress upon Stony Brook University that they have to provide sufficient housing on campus, or off campus in properly zoned areas, to accommodate the number of students that they are enrolling at the University. If they are unable to do this, they should cut back on their enrollment.

We have a dedicated group. However, we cannot do this alone. We need your help.

Here are some things you as an individual can do. Please share this.

Town Supervisor Ed Romaine

Write a letter to  Town Supervisor Ed Romaine thanking him for all he has done. Be sure to let him know that we still have a major problem, absentee landlords illegally renting out homes in our neighborhood, that needs to be addressed immediately. If more resources aren’t available, ask him what else he can do to help us in this effort.

Supervisor Ed Romaine
One Independence Hill
Farmingville N.Y. 11738

You can also Phone 451 -Town to report and voice your concerns. However,  letters are preferable.

Dr. Samuel L. Stanley Jr., President of Stony Brook University (SBU)

Write a letter or send an e-mail to Dr. Samuel L. Stanley Jr., President of SBU. Communicate that this problem was largely caused by SBU increasing enrollment without, at the same time, increasing the amount of student housing to accommodate the students. Additionally, enrollment was increased without considering the impact it would have on the surrounding community. Although the University has made efforts to assist us it’s not enough. Exhort President Stanley to do more and to do it quickly. If this is not possible, suggest that SBU reduce its enrollment.

Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.
Stony Brook University
310 Administration Building
Stony Brook, NY 11794-0701

Media Outlets

Write a letter, or submit an editorial to the following news outlets letting them know about your frustration.

235 Pinelawn Rd.
Melville N.Y. 11747

Long Island Newsroom: 631-843-2700
Letters to the Editor:

Brookhaven Town Reporters:
Carl MacGowan
631 843-3687

Deon Hampton

Three Village Times Herald
P.O. Box 707
Setauket N.Y.

Three Village Patch

LI Cable News 12
516 393-1200

Attend an Upcoming Meeting

Kara Hahn Suffolk County Legislator – Community Meetings
April 22nd 7:00PM
Setauket Elementary School (Map)
“B” Wing Conference Room
134 Main St.
Setauket N.Y.
May 6th 7:00PM
R.C. Murphy Junior High School Library  (Map)
351 Oxhead Rd.
Stony Brook N.Y.

Judge’s decision on 150 Christian Ave.
April 24th 2:00PM
Suffolk County 6th District Court (Map)
150 West Main St.
Patchogue N.Y.

Brookhaven Town Board Meetings
April 30th, May 6th,&  May 22nd 5:00 PM
One Independence Hill (Map)
Farmingville N.Y.Note: Sign up at the front desk in order to speak to the board and voice your concerns, frustrations, etc.   Each person is allocated 3 minutes of speaking time.

What you allow is what will continue