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Happy Holidays!

Note: This is a copy of an email that was sent to members on December 21st.

Dear Members,

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year.

It is going to be quiet for the next couple of weeks because many of the students have gone home for vacations. But as the new semester begins in January, we will have to be very aware of the student boarding houses around us and keep an eye on the number of tenants the landlord is putting in these homes. With the new law stating that no more than 4 unrelated individuals may occupy any whole house rental, we should try to verify the number of students occupying these homes and report them to us and to the Brookhaven Law Department. Remember, if they have an existing permit that has not expired, they may fall under the old law of 8 unrelated. You can check whether a house has a legitimate rental registration and its expiration date on the Town of Brookhaven’s web site. You may be surprised to find that many do not even have a rental registration and we are working closely with the law department as we become aware of these houses.
Below is the post card that we are sending out to over 5,000 homes in Stony Brook during the first week of January 2014.
The idea is to recruit new members to join us in our on going fight and get them to visit our web site and sign our petition. We are trying raise enough money to also send these postcards out to the Setauket area as well. As soon as we have the funds, we will mail these also.
If you have Optimum, you can visit Ch 18, look for the Dec 3rd board meeting where our members spoke about the issues that concern us all. Otherwise the video can be viewed on the Town of Brookhaven’s website as well.

We want to thank one of our members for donating hours of her time drafting the art work on the post card.
Also, a big thank you to our member who continues to update the website and our core group who meets with us to discuss upcoming plans. We are all volunteers who care deeply about restoring our neighborhood to a family community. Please speak with your neighbors and have them join us. There really is power in numbers.

Thank You,