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Graziano’s Day in Court

150 Christian Ave

Photo Credit: Google Maps

This afternoon, in front of a packed courtroom that included seventy five members of Stony Brook Concerned Homeowners and twelve members of the opposing Landlords Coalition, Steven Paul Graziano, infamous owner of 150 Christian Ave, faced tough questions from Brookhaven Town Deputy Attorney David Moran.

Graziano, who is also the owner and President of North Shore Design, was repeatedly incapable of answering simple yes and no questions from a clearly frustrated Moran. At one point, Moran considered aloud whether to request the court to consider Mr. Graziano a hostile witness.

Visibly struggling, Graziano repeatedly spent extended moments searching through his notes before attempting to respond to the simplest of questions. Eventually, the bailiff was instructed to remove the notes from Graziano.

Moran, clearly on top of his game, skillfully punched holes in Graziano’s defense while defense and former Town Attorney Raymon Negron helplessly looked on after repeatedly having objections overruled.

In closing arguments, Negron passionately but weakly attempted to make the argument that the Town failed to prove culpability in the case.

Town attorney Moran will have the opportunity to present his closing arguments this Thursday at 2 PM. A ruling is not immediately expected.