Friends of Stony Brook Rd is Making Progress and Seeking Volunteers

Friends of Stony Brook RoadA group of individuals, who are members or our organization, formed a committee to address issues regarding safety as well as improving the appearance of Stony Brook Rd.  Following is a letter from the chairperson of that committee which explains their efforts. More information can be found at their web site:

Spring 2017

Dear Neighbors,

By now you have probably noticed the construction underway on Stony Brook Road. For the last year a committee of the Concerned Stony Brook Homeowners Association, The Friends of Stony Brook Road, has been meeting with the Town of Brookhaven and Stony Brook University Officials to make the entry to our community a more welcoming and safe road.

Phase 1 of our efforts is already underway:  The beautification of Stony Brook Road

These efforts include:

  • Blacktop in the median is removed and replaced with mulch
  • Dead dogwood trees are being removed and replaced with flowering trees
  • Additional plantings to added to enhance the medians
  • The “highway style” lights are being replaced with decorative LED lights
  • The sign at the south end of Stony Brook Road is being replaced with a community sign

To let more people know about the progress being made on Stony Brook Road, and to give feedback to those overseeing the project, we will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony when Phase I is complete (we estimate in the next 6-8 weeks). As we get closer to that date we’ll share the details with you.

Beautification is not only item The Friends of Stony Brook Road is working on. Other items include:

  • Implementation of a 25A – Route 347 Stony Brook Road traffic safety study
  • Address pedestrian safety concerns
  • Speeding
  • Traffic mitigation opportunities
  • Litter maintenance plan
  • Implementation of a trailer truck ban
  • Monitoring growth at Stony Brook University and being a voice to how it affects local residents

To learn about our goals and ways you can get involved please log onto our website:

Please consider joining our efforts and help us take back the road that is the gateway to our community.


Lee Krauer
Chair / Friends of Stony Brook Road