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Dear Judge: Please help us

Judge GavelThanks to a single judge (Judge David A. Morris), Steven Graziano, who’s company North Shore Designs, LL, was found guilty of several housing violations earlier this year, was not required to pay the $28,000 an penalties on the day of sentencing as is typically required. To date, he has still not paid the penalties. It’s a mockery of justice and undermines the hard work of this group as well as the Brookhaven Law Dept.

Last week, Bruce Sander sent the district’s supervising judge the following letter. We collectively look forward to the response.
Hon. Glenn A. Murphy
Supervising Judge
Acting County Court Judge
John P. Cohalan, Jr., Courthouse
400 Carlton Avenue
Central Islip, New York 11722


Dear Hon. Judge Murphy:

Recently, about 100 homeowners from my group had the opportunity to sit through three days of Judge Morris’s 6th District Court hearings. We were there for the Graziano (North Shore Design) Brookhaven Town Housing violations hearing and sentencing on 150 Christian Avenue in Stony Brook.

As Judge Morris slowly worked his way through the myriad of other cases before him, I was appalled at his lack of concern for the people sitting in the courtroom as he excused himself many times for an hour or so knowing that there was this very high profile case yet to be heard. I understand that the Brookhaven Town lawyers did in fact ask him to schedule this hearing earlier, but this request was obviously denied. It was more than obvious to many of my members present Judge Morris’s disdain for Brookhaven evidenced by his many curt remarks during the hearing.

After three 7 hour days in the courtroom, it was extremely frustrating to watch the legal process proceed, at what appeared to be a deliberate snail’s pace. Then the final blow was when Judge Morris excused himself to review and make his determinations as to the charges and took his time returning to the courtroom with only minutes before 5 PM. We are aware that corporations who are found guilty must pay their fines on the day of sentencing, but with the clock now at 5:00 PM this was not possible because the teller was now closed. How well planned this appeared to be orchestrated. To this day, the defendant (North Shore Design) has yet to pay the fines owed to the town and goes on like business as usual renting this house illegally.

As the president of this group of 1,300+ homeowners and the 100 homeowners who attended this case, I appeal to you to consider reassigning Judge Morris out of the 6th District Court for any future Brookhaven Town cases. Our illegal housing problem is huge in Three Village area and we need a judge who will address these concerns in a professional expeditious manner.

I would also like to appeal to you to reinstate the Housing and Community Court for Brookhaven Town, so that efficiency in processing violations can been performed. I have to commend the 100 homeowners who persevered these long arduous days in Judge Morris’s Courtroom.


Bruce V. Sander
Stony Brook Concerned Homeowners LTD