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CABLEVISION: SUNY Stony Brook needs to provide more on-campus housing (VIDEO)

Cablevision EditorialsThe neighbors were angry and disgusted. Rowdy students holding yet another party at another single family home illegally converted into a rooming house.

On some streets in Stony Brook, you can see the signs: front lawns paved over for parking lots, houses partitioned into tiny rooms secured with deadbolt locks.

“This was the original animal house,” said Bruce Sander, president of Stony Brook Concerned Homeowners Limited.

Recently, the owner of this so-called animal house was hauled into court, found guilty of various code violations.

What’s to be done?

Well a crackdown on landlords should continue. But Stony Brook needs to provide more housing for its expanding student population.

So says Brookhaven Supervisor Ed Romaine who has been meeting with university officials to encourage private development of more student housing on campus. Soon, the university will break ground on its new Toll Drive residences to house over 700 upperclassmen on campus.

No doubt, some Stony Brook students will continue to rent decent and legal housing in private homes off campus, as they have for decades. And Brookhaven should continue using ordinances to stop property owners from packing too many renters into a single family house.

But ultimately, SUNY Stony Brook needs to provide more on-campus housing.

Watch the video at Cablevison.

Credit: Cablevision and Peter Kohler – Vice President of Editorial Services